Hetty Crevecoeur

perfect lab hetty crevecoeur
“Het is mijn missie om vrouwen te bekrachtigen en ze te helpen hun gezondheid en welzijn op een natuurlijke manier een boost te geven.”
perfect lab hetty crevecoeur

Hetty Crèvecoeur is a health expert with more than twenty years of background in naturopathy and orthomolecular therapy. She writes about (natural) women’s health through her books and the platform Krachtvoedervoorvrouwen.nl.

Hetty is also a much sought-after speaker and permanent health expert on the TV program Koffietijd.
“My mission is to empower women and help them naturally boost their health and wellness.”

What does health mean to you?

For me, health does not mean that you are never sick or that you are always comfortable in your own skin. Your body and life are fickle. If you have the strength and flexibility to quickly regain balance by making the right adjustments to your lifestyle, you are healthy in my opinion.

In practice, this means listening carefully to your body and treating it with respect. Strict diets or an extreme sports regime are never sustainable in the long term. It is precisely the small daily healthy habits that will benefit you in the long term, such as going to bed on time, taking regular breaks and eating as fresh as possible. In addition, I believe in the 80/20 rule, eat healthy 80% of the time and the other 20% there you just eat everything that is loose and stuck.

What is your view on nutritional supplements? Premium Health Check

I am a strong supporter of nutritional supplements to support your health. There are so many beautiful, powerful substances from nature that can support your health without side effects. It is important to use these in a targeted manner. Simply swallowing everything is often not very useful. The quality can also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You want easily absorbable supplements in a natural form. With a blood test such as the Premium Health check you gain insight into your health in an easy and accessible way. I’m really in favor of that, so you can really focus on your health.

You simply make an appointment for a blood test in your area and you will receive the results within a few days, including an interview with an expert. To measure is to really know. For example, my test showed that my vitamin D level, despite taking supplements, was too low and I therefore had to increase my dosage. My joint complaints could also be explained by an increased activity of my immune system. The good thing is that this test is reasonably priced and you get a good guideline to improve your health with the accompanying conversation.

Wat is jouw ultieme gezondheidstip?

Houd je bloedsuikerspiegel stabiel door voldoende eiwitten en vetten te eten en pas een beetje op met de hoeveelheid koolhydraten die je eet.
Als je bloedsuikerspiegel stabiel is merk je dat aan alles: je hormoonhuishouding verloopt beter, je hebt meer energie en misschien wel het allerbelangrijkste je hebt minder stemmingswisselingen.

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Wil jij ook jouw ervaring delen?

Wij zijn heel benieuwd naar jouw ervaring om onze dienst nog beter te kunnen maken!