Mischa Kremer

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“Als we ons meer bewust worden van een gezonde leefstijl en er ook naar leven, dan ben ik ervan overtuigd dat we gezond 100 jaar oud kunnen worden”
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Entrepreneur and founder of Perfect Health Mischa Kremer never sits still: has a busy and active life. In order to feel good about himself, to experience minimal stress and to perform at the top of his abilities, he adopted a holistic lifestyle years ago.

First things first. Who is Mischa Kremer and how did you get into this business?

‘I’m a business economist by training, but I didn’t feel like practicing that profession for the rest of my life. I wanted to do business! At the age of 27, I had the opportunity to work with a renowned doctor, which is how I entered the world of private clinics. Especially from the business side. Via detours I ended up with nutritional supplements. Because of the scientific basis, I immediately believed in this product and saw the possibility of recommending nutritional supplements based on medical diagnostics. That was new at the time. It started as an idea, I wanted to use medical diagnostic research to be able to advise substantiated and targeted nutritional supplements, and look where we are now. The passion for this only really arose when I found out through learning and doing that everything I thought in advance, actually worked in practice. That’s so kicking!’

Impressive. You were, as it were, the new kid on the block. How did you get the professionals to take you seriously?

‘When I started in 2009, I quickly got the entrepreneurs of private clinics on my side. They also saw opportunities. And were curious, eager to learn. But there were also doctors who only knew the vision of medication or surgery. Try to convince them… As a 27-year-old boy, I was in the waters of a cardiologist, at least that’s how he saw it. I entered into a discussion with the relevant doctor. It became a scientific discussion, in which my mouth could not be gagged. It was never said you’re right, but when they left me alone from that moment on I knew it was for a reason. That was motivating! I continued my self-examination, delved into the scientific literature, and fed my brain. In this way I found out how doctors think (on which they base their actions) and I was able to talk to them. I made more and more contact with doctors and professors and medics. My network of medical specialists continued to grow and people started to listen to me…”

And that was the starting signal for Perfect Health, your own company. That’s 12 years ago. How do you look back on the past years?

‘With pride! And a smile. I’ve come a long way, but I’m excited to see what we’ve accomplished with Perfect Health. It all starts with awareness! We use medical diagnostics when we have complaints, but how great is it if you can do that preventively. So that you can turn the knobs early. And get a grip on your health. That’s our mission! We want to help people grow old healthily by providing insight into their health at an early stage.’

Can you also briefly tell us about the Perfect Health method? Why does this method work for you? And who else is he for?

In short, the Perfect Health method stands for targeted and substantiated work on your health with nutritional supplements. Based on thorough research, in the form of an extensive blood test and a questionnaire. The Perfect Health method is successful: for me, you and everyone who wants to work consciously with his or her health. In principle, it is not age-related. Only what you see, if someone of 20 has the blood test done: there are little or no abnormalities. That doesn’t mean that person stays healthy. After all, if you smoke a lot, drink alcohol, or eat poorly, your body will deteriorate faster. The sooner you start a healthy lifestyle, the better the long-term effect will be. Prevention is better than…’

Healthy aging. What does that mean to you? Better yet: how do you do that?

‘That you should know what your body needs! And in addition, it is nice (and necessary) if you as a person know what you are doing well in terms of lifestyle and nutrition. Ask yourself: what gives me energy? Only then can you develop and apply a so-called lifestyle improvement. Which will surely lead you to the best possible health. And that means: purposeful, substantiated healthy aging. If we become more aware of a healthy lifestyle and live it, I am convinced that we can live to 100 years without too many health problems. Of course, some people are stronger than others. And one life is easier than the other life. And then you also have to deal with happiness and unhappiness in life. But just as a well-maintained car can last a long time, that’s how it works for your body too. If you ensure that your body (and mind) continues to develop properly and provide the right fuel, it can last a very long time.’

What do you think is the problem of the nutritional supplement industry?

‘I am a staunch supporter of nutritional supplements, it is an addition to the diet. I think it’s a necessity. In most cases, food is filling rather than nutrition. The most important ingredient in dietary supplements is quality! At Perfect Health we apply a number of quality criteria, for example, the ingredients that our nutritional supplements contain have all been scientifically researched for their effect. You shouldn’t just swallow anything! It pays not to go for the cheapest option. The so-called supermarket supplements are often composed with synthetic ingredients, which the body does not or hardly absorb. These supplements are often much cheaper than the organic forms recommended by experts and specialty stores.

Finally: what would you like to tell people about health?

‘Educate yourself!There are so many health gains to be made, if only with a good lifestyle and ditto diet, you make a major contribution to really healthy aging. People often only move when they feel the seriousness, there has been a heart attack. Or the overweight can no longer be denied. And then it’s already too late… Take action! With the Perfect Heath method, we map out your health quickly and easily. That way you keep a grip on your health.’

Beautiful things in life:
book:  The Great Gatsby.
hobby:  traveling and more traveling.
sports:  running, fitness and golf.
beauty secret:  healthy diet and stress management.
indispensable supplement:  antioxidants, such as our Advanced Antioxidant Complex.

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